Recycled Wool Blanket - Black Watch Tartan

CHF 99.00

The Tartan Blanket Co. brings a modern approach to a Scottish classic: the tartan blanket.

This Black Watch design in dark blue, green and black is a timeless classic and the oldest official tartan.

Made from recycled wool clothing (70%) and recycled mixed fibres (30%) that would have been destined for landfill, their blankets are woven in a family-run mill with which the brand maintains a close partnership that benefits people and planet.

Through recycling, the amount of dye required is significantly reduced as items are sorted into colours. Combining recycled wool with recycled mixed fibres that includes synthetic materials adds length and strength to the resulting yarn. While most wool shrinks or bobbles in the wash, the blankets by The Tartan Blanket Co. are more durable and dense enough for machine washing without compromising on softness.

Not only are resources re-purposed but keeping production at the source helps with traceability and reduces the blankets’ carbon footprint. In addition, The Tartan Blanket Co. opts for sea freight rather than air travel from India, which may be more expensive and take longer, but has a lesser impact on the environment. The brand also puts 2 percent of all revenue towards carbon offsetting and social projects.

Dry clean or machine wash on a low-spin wool cycle that does not exceed 30 degrees. Add wool soap and optionally fabric softener to the dispensing drawer rather than to the drum. If there is a stain, let wool soap sit on the spot for 10 minutes before washing. Do not tumble dry or hang, rather lay flat to dry.

Dimensions – 145 x 190cm including fringing