Sustainable homeware

Start the New Year Fresh

Grant yourself a little luxury and easily practice self-care in your day-to-day. Discover hand-poured and scented sustainable soy wax candles by Aery. Responsibly packaged and free from GMOs, palm oil and paraffin.
Out of sight, out of mind does not work for us. We can all contribute to a better world in our everyday lives. Thanks to our selection of natural, zero waste and vegan alternatives, you can shop in good conscience without compromise.

Your Kitchen Turned Eco

Out of habit, many households resort to single-use items. Yet there are numerous eco-friendly alternatives out there that are hardly recognisable as such. Which of our top 5 do you already have in your kitchen?

Renewable Resource: Bamboo

The rising star among natural resources, bamboo is a fast-growing grass with low environmental impact that requires no pesticides, little to no irrigation and is a highly effective CO2 absorber.

Made in Switzerland

Handmade soaps from the Zurich region. Vegan, natural, local and affordable - Circle Soaps pampers the skin and is available in different varieties also for the little ones. Browse the collection.


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