Spring Cleaning

Unfortunately, many conventional products we use to clean our homes are not exactly environmentally friendly. They are not recyclable, contain harmful chemicals and sometimes shed microplastics. Time to switch to new solutions.
"At Parapura, you'll find everything that's beautiful and gentle on the environment." annabelle

New at Parapura: Accessories

We are very excited to now offer sustainable options for accessories. Our curated selection includes hair clips, bags, statement socks and more.

Brand Spotlight: Lili Pepper - Designstudio

The Swiss label of designer Franziska Carnevale has been producing high-quality and beautiful home textiles according to sustainable principles since 2010.

The Most Sustainable Gift of All

Finding a suitable gift can be pretty tricky at times. With our digital gift cards there is no going wrong and you are doing good for the planet too.


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