Tansy G-Curve - Glass Dildo

CHF 45.00

With its dual-ended design, Tansy offers versatility without complications. One end is sculpted with smooth, undulating ribs, perfect for that extra sensation as it glides in and out of your body. The other end curves into a shape that’s just begging to seek out the attention of your G-spot.

A glass dildo, like Tansy, offers a smooth, solid surface that’s ideal for those who crave firm stimulation. The rigid structure provides unyielding pressure right where you want it. And because it’s glass, every inch slides effortlessly with a bit of lube, for a sensation that’s as smooth as it is intense. But the perks of glass go beyond the glide. It’s non-porous, making Tansy ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. Plus, for those who like to play with temperature, glass is your best friend. Chill it for a cool encounter, or warm it for a feeling that mimics the heat of a partner. And let’s not forget aesthetics—there’s something undeniably erotic about the sleekness of glass. It’s transparent, so you can see everything happening in real time, which adds a visual thrill to the physical one.

The love toy is crafted from super-strong, body-safe borosilicate glass, which is waterproof and temperature-resistant, making it perfect for water and temperature play. Delivered sealed in a cotton drawstring bag, perfect for snug storage between sessions.

More about the brand:

The team at The Natural Love Company are seriously disrupting the sex toy industry with their eco-luxury approach.

Every love toy is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Holding one of their high-quality creations, you’ll instantly notice the difference – it feels right, like a natural extension of your hand.

True to the motto "F**k yourself. Not the planet.", The Natural Love Company embraces sustainability in various ways. As a member of 1% for the planet, one percent of their annual revenue is donated to environmental causes. Furthermore, operations are powered by renewable energy, plastic packaging and single use batteries are avoided altogether and where applicable, the toys' core are crafted from recycled ocean plastic, coated in a buttery soft layer of sanitary grade silicone of course.

Lastly, we all know life likes to throw us a curve ball and your neighbour will appear as your parcel is delivered. No need to worry though as our parcels arrive in discreet packaging.

Product dimensions - 19 x 3 cm, 200 g