Swedish Sponge Cloth - Sushi

CHF 3.90

Sustainable and groovy. Groovy Goods' compostable sponge cloths are made from FSC-certified cellulose (70%) and Fair Trade cotton (30%), and then printed with water-based organic inks. This means that zero harmful microplastics are shed, as is the case with conventional solutions. In addition, the sponge cloths are extremely absorbent and can hold up to 200ml. Thanks to a honeycomb structure on the unprinted underside, dirt is effectively removed. Washable many times in the dishwasher or washing machine (up to 60 degrees) for a long life and leaves zero waste after disposal. Made in Germany.

Tip: Groovy Goods is a mood booster and perfect as an original gift for your next dinner party hosts.

Product dimensions - 20 x 17cm