Wimpy the Wool Wizard - Wool Care and Repair Kit

CHF 32.00

Wool is a natural fibre that requires special care and attention. In addition, wool production demands a lot from the environment, which makes it even more important that we care for our wool items. The care and repair kit contains all the materials, tools and instructions to keep wool garments - from socks to sweaters - in good shape for a lifetime.

Wimpy the sheep knows everything there is to know about wool care and repair. His lovingly assembled kit will help you with the following techniques:

- Removing pilling
- Repairing snags
- Plugging holes
- Dry felting
- Reinforcing areas
- Brushing wool
- Washing wool

All this in a lovingly illustrated manual in English.

Included in the set exactly are:

- Storage box
- English manual
- Macaron
- Pilling comb
- Wool brush
- Needle holder with felting needle, darning needle and snag repair needle
- Yarn in 5 colours
- Felt in 5 colours