Magnetic Soap Holder With Suction Cup

CHF 9.90

Zero drilling, zero sticking! The magnetic soap holder from Chamarrel® is a clever solution for storing solid soap in the bathroom or kitchen. Thanks to the strong magnet that is pressed into the soap, the soap hangs in a space-saving way and is always ready to hand. It also dries perfectly and therefore lasts longer.

Holds a weight of up to 200 g. Made in France.

Tip: Let the soap soak a little on one side so that it is easier to apply. Then allow to dry thoroughly.

Tip: Place the suction cup on a clean and smooth surface (avoid rough, uneven surfaces).

Capsule made of stainless steel with a diameter of 23 mm.

Neodymium magnet treated against corrosion.

Diameter of the suction cup: 35 mm - Soft PVC without phthalates, approved for the manufacture of toys, baby articles and packaging in contact with food.