Himalayan Cedarleaf Reed Diffuser

CHF 45.00
By Aery

Beautiful multi-layered scents, stylish minimal design and high quality sustainable ingredients make Aery one of a kind and a must-have around the home.

Diffusers provide long-lasting fragrance for months and, unlike candles, can be left unsupervised. Aery reed diffusers are made using natural reeds and the eco-friendly carrier liquid Augeo, which is alcohol-free and plant-based and comes in a glass bottle. The gorgeous matte clay vessel elevates any room and, with a little creativity, can be reused for various things after use.

Part of Aery’s fernweh collection, which explores the intense desire to travel, Himalayan Cedarleaf's combination of soft earthiness and fruity spice will whisk you to a land far away. This warm and bold blend containing cardamom, cedarleaf, patchouli and lemon essential oils alongside hints of grapefruit, jasmine, tonka and healingwood inspires a sense of grounding.

Made in England. 200ml. NO GMO & Palm. Vegan and cruelty-free. Recycled packaging printed with non-toxic plant-based ink.