DIY Clay Kit - Off White

CHF 38.00


Unleash your inner potter and create artistic sculpted pieces with a flowery touch...

With this starter set kit, you have enough air dry clay for two projects, so you can choose to have this fun all by yourself or with a loved one!

What is included?

- Premium air dry clay (500 g)
- Illustrated instructions
- Sponge
- Potters rib
- Steel scrapper
- Wood tool
- Needle tool
- Ribbon tool
- Real pressed wild flowers

In this kit we supply instructions for two types of projects: Small bowl and small vase, which are easy for beginners to follow.

After finishing the sculpt you will have to wait three to four days for the clay to be completely dry.

Clay: Extremely easy to work, it can be moulded into solid, durable objects that can be decorated in an imaginative way with paints or multi-surface markers. It is based on natural substances, gluten-free and dermatologically tested. The clay hardens on exposure to air without any need for baking.