Kraft Paper Storage Bag - Clothes

CHF 12.90
By Kolor

The paper bags by Berlin-based label kolor are durable, reusable and versatile. Once positioned and shaped, they become a design piece in any room. Made in Germany from 2-ply, reinforced kraft paper that is biodegradable and can be recycled at the end of its life. For a particularly high-quality finish, the bottom is not glued but sewn.

The clothes motif is perfect as a stylish laundry bag.

The panda motif is perfect for storing toys or as a laundry bag in a children's room.

The toys motif is perfect for storing toys in a children's room.

The paper / plastic motif is made for stylish storage of recycling. Tip: Place a carrier bag inside to protect the bag from stains and for practical runs to the ökihof recycling centre.

Dimensions - 55 x 84cm