Golden Glory Zucchini Seeds

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The “Golden Glory” is a bright yellow zucchini that is best harvested early to bring out the delicate, nutty and aromatic taste to the full. This is around 6 to 8 weeks, measuring 15 to 20cm. Larger specimens, while they may look impressive, are typically carrying more water that dilutes the taste and creates a spongy interior while the skin also hardens.

Start germinating in early April. Soak your seeds in water overnight allowing them to soften. Then place seeds into pots full of rich soil and lightly cover. Place your pot in a sunny warm spot and germination will occur in 6 to 10 days. Only transfer outside after the last of the spring frost where they can be repotted into large pots or placed at least 80cm apart in a bed. Always water well, especially during the fruit phase.

Caution: If the zucchini tastes unusually bitter, the poisonous substance cucurbitacin has formed during growth. This is atypical and usually due to particularly hot temperatures.

Quantity: Seeds for up to 5 plants
Height: 35-40cm
Harvest: July-October