Rhyn Candle

CHF 9.90 CHF 22.00

The Rhyn forms part of The Runa collection consisting of three architectural wax creations that delight and can be placed anywhere around the home. A perfect gift and available as a bundle. While sculptural candles are considered decorative pieces, they can of course be burned. Due to their unique shapes, it is however recommended that you burn them on a heat resistant surface or tray.

noosh.studio is a small business based in Bern, Switzerland that specializes in handcrafted sculptural candles. All creations are hand poured and polished and made from European rapeseed wax with a cotton wick. Rapeseed wax is a sustainable alternative to oil-derived paraffin or mineral wax and burns slower and cleaner.

Dimensions – 12 x 11 x 2cm, 260g. Please note that the backside of this candle is flat and without detailing. Due to their handcrafted nature, candles will vary slightly and minor imperfections may occur.