MONDO Bracelet

CHF 49.00

The MONDO bracelet evokes summer vibes and stuns with the most beautiful mix of glass and vintage beads from around the world. Each bracelet is unique and uses, for example, African and North American trade beads or Czech and Japanese glass beads, some of which are several decades old. The metal elements are gold-filled and adjustable to a length of 16.5 to 20cm. Matching hoops are also available.

All pieces by SAN SAN are lovingly made by hand in Germany. The colourful jewellery creations are mainly made of glass beads, many of which are vintage, and 14-karat gold-filled. The gold-filled components are a high-quality alloy of recycled gold sourced from Italy and the United States and bonded to a brass core. Gold-filled is more durable than gold plating and weighs about 100 times more. Since the material behaves like real gold, the result is waterproof and can be worn by allergy sufferers without any problems. The use of petroleum-based plastics such as vinyl, acrylic, acetate or polymer clay is completely avoided.

Dust, sweat and sebum can make jewellery look duller over time. Remove easily with a polishing cloth.