Ceramic Vase Island - Olive Green

CHF 19.00 CHF 39.00

O Cactuu ticks pretty much every homeware trend. Minimalist and nature-inspired design, geometric shapes and natural materials transform any interior.

The home accessories are handmade in Portugal using traditional craftsmanship. Sustainability is further ensured through the complete elimination of plastic and the use of CO2-reducing production processes that require less energy and resources. All products are produced in limited batches and their handmade nature makes each item unique - mass production is out of the question!

Please note that each item may have minimal deviations and imperfections. Qualitatively, all items are absolutely top notch.

Instructions and care: To clean your decorative vase, we recommend gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Add a small amount of water if needed. Ceramic is not 100% waterproof. Adding water may cause a condensation effect on the outside, which is nothing to worry about.

Product dimensions - 4 ø x 11 ø x 28cm