Organic Golden Currant Wild Tomato Seeds

CHF 0.90 CHF 4.00

The “Golden Currant” is characterized by the fact that it is very undemanding in terms of care and maintenance. Like all tomato varieties it is best positioned in a very sunny location protected from both wind and rain.

The seeds are best sown indoors in March until they germinate in 7 to 20 days and transferred outside after the last of the spring frost where they can be repotted or placed at least 60cm apart in a bed. When replanting, dig enough soil so the root ball is around 5cm below the soil line. As with all vine varieties, a climbing aid is useful to keep the plant upright and to help support the weight of the tomatoes.

For optimal growth a lot of sun and heat are important. Although too much water is harmful, the soil should never dry out completely and be careful to not wet the tomatoes themselves when watering as this can lead to so-called brown rot.

Quantity: Seeds for up to 5 plants
Height: 180-200cm
Harvest: July-October