Finger Paints Set of 4 - Toucan Aki

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Safe for children and respectful towards the environment.The biodegradable organic finger paint (120g each) from neoGRÜN is made in Germany exclusively from renewable raw materials and with natural and food or cosmetic grade mineral and plant pigments. Little artists can safely enhance their colour perception and let their imagination run free.

The finger paints are creamy in consistency for drip-free colouring fun. Whether on paper, cardboard, stone, other surfaces or with the hands, a brush, sponge or stamp - the possibilities are endless. The colours are also water-soluble and can be thinned and mixed.

Laboratory tested and the first certified natural product in its category. Free from toxins, palm oil and the most common allergens. Vegan and cruelty-free.

CAUTION: Children under 3 should be supervised by adults.

Ingredients - Water, organic corn starch, salt, purified chalk and clays, organic vegetable oil, humectants and thickeners of plant-based origin, mineral and plant pigments of cosmetic and food grade quality, preservative: phenoxyethanol <1%, bittering agent: denatonium benzoate