Seed Bombs - A Bee’s Feast

CHF 13.90

A tempting menu that even the most demanding bee will be drawn to. The jute bag contains 8 walnut-sized seed bombs consisting of soil, clay and organic seeds. 

Drop the seed bombs in a spot of your choosing. The dry clay ball protects the seeds from birds and rodents. When it rains, the ball soaks up water and the seeds inside begin to sprout. The location determines which of the sown plant species will thrive. Grows between 30 to 100cm tall.

The seeds include the following plant species: gold yarrow, silver yarrow, sweet alyssum, alpine rockcress, ramsons, basil, marigold, tussock bellflower, Canterbury bell mix, bluebottle, centaurea mix, feverfew, pink fairies mix, houndstooth, Queen Anne’s lace, field larkspur, foxglove, oriental dragonhead, echium mix, California poppy mix, sunflower mix, vetch mix, lavender, bird’s-foot trefoil, lupine, marjoram, baby blue eyes, devil-in-the-bush, common sainfoin, oregano, field poppy, lacy scorpion-weed, phlox mix, ribwort, mignonette, sage, sorrel, wild chive, thyme, crimson clover, hyssop and balm.

Handmade in Germany.