Bonsai Tree Reed Diffuser - Birch Sap, Orange and Yuzu

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By Aery
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Beautiful multi-layered scents, stylish minimal design and high quality sustainable ingredients make Aery one of a kind and a must-have around the home.

Diffusers offer a continuous, long-lasting fragrance and can be left unsupervised. Aery reed diffusers are made using natural reeds, recycled glass and the eco-friendly carrier liquid Augeo, which is alcohol-free and plant-based.

Bonsai Tree (200ml) boasts wholesome earthiness combined with fresh and zesty citrus. Set your imagination free and visit vast open spaces surrounded by towering trees. Studies have shown spending time in woodland can be more of an energy boost than coffee!

Top notes - Orange, grass and yuzu
Middle notes - Jasmine and petitgrain
Base notes - Balsam and woods

Arrives in recycled packaging printed with non-toxic plant-based ink.
Made in England.