Smartphone Case - Marai

CHF 218.00
By Marai


Any smartphone will fit into this luxury mobile phone case. The goatskin leather on both the outside and inside is extremely soft and supple and the practical zipper on the back offers enough space for cards and cash. The rounded straps sit comfortably on the shoulder and the inner cord is made of GOTS-certified cotton. If required, the straps are also adjustable or even detachable. Available in natural and black.

Dimensions - 17 x 10 cm, strap length 150 cm.

MARAI is a Swiss brand from Emmental, which processes local unused goatskins with traditional craftsmanship into fine leather accessories. The production of leather is often - rightly - criticised. But animal skins are an essential by-product of the food industry, and as long as the consumption of animal products is an undeniable fact, there is nothing more sensible than using the skins of these animals. Since tens of thousands of skins are burned every year in Switzerland alone, MARAI is ideally positioned to counteract this waste.

The goat skins used all come from animals on Swiss farms. The natural product is processed with care for an ecological, ethical and fair production. The entire supply chain is located within a total radius of 150 km and takes place in close partnership with southern German manufacturers. Tanning is done without environmentally harmful chemicals, as is usually the case nowadays, instead with plant extracts. Natural features are not retouched, but each article becomes unique in its pure form creating over time a beautifully distinctive patina.